Day In The Life of …. ‘Odds & Soxlets’ Sock Creations & Illustrations by Erica Martyn

Life is varied to say the least; I am a single mum to my gorgeous baby boy Harry who is 18 months old. Trying to run a business with a mischievous toddler around is hard work! I typically work on Tuesday and Thursday mornings whilst my son is at nursery for a few hours and then just grab the odd half hour hear, and hour there as and when I can which is mainly in the evenings once Harry has gone to bed.

A typical nursery day starts at around 5am when Harry gets out of bed, and comes to my bedside asking for his milk and nana (his word for banana), I still can’t get my head around these early morning wake up calls… To make life easier in the mornings I take a cool bag with his milk and banana to bed with me so that all I have to do is get them out for him rather than venturing downstairs… this then gives me about 20 mins or so to wake up. Harry will usually start getting toys out of his toy box and bring them over to me, climb on the bed, have a cuddle then get back off and go and get something else until it’s time to get washed and dressed for nursery!

Harry’s day at nursery begins at 7.45am so after a short drive to and throw I finally get a few hours to myself to get some work done after having a quick breakfast and cup of tea! My business combines making stuffed toys out of socks which I have named soxlets such as cute little sock monkeys, illustrating and hand making cards, illustrating characters for my digital craft and various other bits and bobs. I try to make the mornings Harry is at nursery my sewing time. So a combination of drawing patterns, machine sewing the basic soxlet and parts, then hand stuffing and hand sewing and embroidering their features. I then have to pack all my sewing equipment and soxlets away ready to collect Harry from Nursery at lunch time.

Harry goes for a nap when we get home for 1-2 hours, which gives me time for lunch, time to check emails along with messages on facebook/twitter etc! Once Harry is awake we then have our play time which can be as simple as playing in the garden with his sand and water table or more adventurous like taking a bike ride to the park or going swimming. Once home we then have bath time and have dinner together around 5.30/6pm before some chill out time, story and bed at 7pm!

Once Harry is in bed it’s a time to get some house work done, do the ironing and also sneak in a little work too if time allows… which can be a variety of things such as illustrating and painting characters, designing cards or digi craft or writing blog posts… although I try to get to bed for 10pm I do find that my brain is buzzing in the evening and I sometimes do find it hard to switch off and get to bed!


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