How to Raise a Compassionate Child

There are lots of reasons why parents should try and focus on teaching their children compassion. It’s an important part of their development and will encourage them not only to be kinder to themselves but also to others, particularly those in need. It will help to encourage acceptance and patience, allowing youngsters to build stronger relationships with other children. So, if you’re wondering what you can do to raise a compassionate child, here are some tips from a senior school in Surrey.

How to Raise a Compassionate Child:

How to Raise a Compassionate Child

Praise Your Child for Kind Behaviour

If you notice your child sharing their toys or offering a helping hand, be sure to praise them. However, it’s not enough just to say “well done for being kind”; take it one step further and explain why being kind is important and how their kindness would have made the other person feel. As a result, they will start to appreciate the impact that their actions have on others and continue to demonstrate kindness.

Reprimand Rudeness:

As well as praising your child for positive behaviour, you should also let them know when they have done something wrong. Perhaps you noticed your child being mean or snatching, in which case you should let them know why that is unkind and how they might have hurt the other person’s feelings. Remind them that rudeness and nastiness is not something that you tolerate as a family. 

Put Things Into Perspective:

Help your child appreciate how fortunate they are and encourage them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. For instance, perhaps they have a classmate who is struggling in a certain lesson or is getting picked on. Encourage your child to consider what they can potentially do to help. By putting things into perspective and seeing things from a different viewpoint, your child will feel more inclined to be kind to others. 

Be a Good Role Model:

If you want your child to be compassionate, try and demonstrate compassion yourself. Let your child see you helping someone in need, like dropping off some homemade soup to your sick friend or carrying in the groceries for your elderly neighbour. Send thank you cards to your friends and family for attending your parties and remember your manners even when dealing with a challenging interaction. All of these small acts of kindness and respect will resonate with your child and will show them appropriate ways to express compassion.  

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