Media success the Tweet Tweet way

I LOVE Twitter!!

I have mentioned before about following #journorequests on twitter before and today I thought I’d share a few of my successes.

  • Angels and Urchins Magazine – a page pull out about Parties.  Charlie Moo’s is listed and an image of our bags is used and credited, alongside tips from Party Pieces editor Pippa Middleton. (June 2011)
  • My son Charlie’s 4th Birthday was celebrated in The Mirror (26th March 2011)
  • My comments about Breastfeeding were featured in the Daily Mirror with a lovely photo of Moo, Megan and I with our gorgeous party bags.
  • My daughter Megan’s 3rd birthday is announced with photo in Mother and Baby Magazine (August 2011)
  • Articles published on Fresh Business Thinking
  • Free products to try and review .. I’ve had a few.
  • The Sunday Times – 19th June 2011 – Article about woman not  having children I was quoted and Charlie Moo’s was plugged

What do you do?
Follow the hashtag #journorequest.  I have tweetdeck so I have this hashtag as a column alongside my normal @mentions and Direct Messages.  You will see notifications and all the tweets with this hashtag in chronological order, just as with you @mentions and @DM reply to those that appeal to you.



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