How to be super organised at work

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to be super organised at work, but if you’re keen to combat the chaos in your office, there are certain things you can do. For example, the following top tips could make your day-to-day life at work that bit easier and calmer.

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Select the perfect office furniture :

First and foremost, it’s important to choose suitable furniture. If you have to put up with dire desks and shoddy storage, it’s impossible to maintain order while you’re going about your tasks. Ideally, your desk should have enough surface space to enable you to spread your items out without it looking cluttered.

When it comes to storage, make sure you have plenty of shelving, cabinets and drawers in which to keep all your documents and other items. If you’re lacking in floor space, opt for tall storage solutions that take full advantage of the height on offer in your office. Meanwhile, under-desk units can come in handy too.

Without a decent desk and plenty of storage, it’s impossible to maintain order. It’s amazing how quickly paperwork can build up and the last thing you want is to have to spend time searching through piles of documents. Of course, for storage products to work properly, you have to be methodical in your approach to using them. It can help to create a labelling system so that you know exactly where to go to deposit and retrieve particular items.

It’s now easy to find superb desks and storage products. Firms such as Calibre Office Furniture offer an impressive array of items and should have everything you need.

Make to-do lists :

On a fraught day in the office, it’s easy to forget even important tasks. However, you won’t be in danger of falling into this trap if you get into the habit of making and sticking to to-do lists. Take a little time at the beginning of your working day to consider all the things you want to achieve. Once you’ve noted all the relevant tasks, prioritise them so that you complete the most important first.

This approach will provide you with a clear idea of how long you can spend on particular jobs, meaning you’re more likely to keep on top of your workload. It can also help you to avoid wasting your time on unimportant tasks.

Finish what you start :

It’s all too easy to get deflected from your jobs, meaning you can end up stopping and starting tasks repeatedly and working on many different things at once. This is an inefficient way of operating and it can make you more prone to mistakes.

Instead, it is helpful if you finish the jobs you start before embarking on new ones. As well as being a faster and more effective way of working, this can bring a greater sense of satisfaction and help to reduce your stress levels.

Keep your emails in check :

Emails have revolutionised the way in which we communicate at work, in many ways for the better. However, you might dread the build-up of messages in your inbox. Dealing with these communications can be a nightmare, especially if you can’t check them all the time.

To help you avoid inbox congestion, it’s really important to get into the habit of organising your inbox. Any urgent emails should be dealt with as soon as possible and it’s a good idea to create folders for important messages that you will need to return to later on. You can also colour-code or flag significant emails so that you won’t forget to follow them up. Meanwhile, make sure you delete unimportant emails to help to keep your inbox clear.

Following basic principles like these could help to make you more organised and efficient at work.

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