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Party Plan (or Direct Selling to give it it’s proper title) appeals to many parents, as the role of an Independent Consultant offers a lot of flexibility. Consultants are self-employed traders, operating their own business promoting products for their chosen company.

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Once you’ve decided which company you want to represent, you sign up and usually pay around £100 for your subsidised ‘starter kit’ which will contain all the product samples and business tools that you need to get started.

You may be required to meet certain criteria such as holding x number of parties within your start-up period, always make sure you know what is expected of you before you join. It’s worth shopping around to find a company that is right for your needs and one that has a product you feel passionate about, as you will find it easier to sell.

It is the responsibility of each consultant to get their own bookings and manage their time. Lots of free training and support is available to ensure your business is successful and you will have a mentor to help you every step of the way.

Your first party is usually held in your own home; you will demonstrate your products to your friends and get your first sales and bookings. Future parties are held in someone else’s home, where the party hostess has invited a group of her friends to sample the products. Hostesses benefit by getting free or discounted products (based upon sales at her party). During the party, you will take orders and payment for goods which you will deliver to the hostess at a later date. You will receive commission on your sales and this is an average of 25% but can increase to as much as 40%.

In addition to selling at parties, there are opportunities to promote your products at school fairs, craft markets, offices and health clubs etc. How much you do is up to you. You decide IF you work, WHEN you work and WHERE you work!

By recruiting new consultants you will also earn commission on their sales. Most companies have a career plan in place, where you also get bonuses for building a team.

One of the best things about party-plan is the rewards and recognitions bestowed on you by the company. Direct selling companies really know how to celebrate success and they do it in a big way.

For more information go to (The Direct Selling Association).

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