What a difference a year makes ….

A year ago whilst on facebook, Annie Brooks spotted on her friend Jayne’s wall a comment recommending Linen at Home as ‘a great company’.  Curious to find out more, Annie clicked the ‘Be Your Own Boss‘ link, investigated the website, then immediately picked up the phone to call Roberta Jerram at Linen at Home for a chat.

Feeling an excited sense of potential, Annie arranged to get together with Roberta for coffee two days later. When she saw what Linen at Home had to offer, she became even more excited.  Not wanting to pass up the opportunity she joined the company on her laptop there and then so she could take home the starter kit Roberta had just shown her and begin showing everything off to her friends!

Annie had previous experience of party plan in another, larger company but the excitement of joining at the early stages of a smaller company with a friendly, more personal feel spurred her on to get straight on with booking her diary with party dates.

“My customers loved the fantastic product range and quality,” says Annie. “It’s really exciting to be at the beginning of something new and different.” In her first full month of selling (March 10) she’d sold more than £700 of products and already earned back her kit investment.

Annie says “I couldn’t wait to build my team and share the buzz of Linen at Home with everyone”.  She picked up the phone to tell others about her new business opportunity and within a few weeks her friend Jan joined too making the business even more fun as she then had a buddy to work with.

Annie has four children: Katie 21, Josh 18, Lewis 9 and Ryan 5. Although her life as a parent is busy, running her Linen at Home business fits in well alongside being a mum. Annie attributes that to feeling relaxed about her journey with Linen at Home.  “I have been supported and encouraged every step of the way with no pressure, just warmth from the company and fellow consultants that really listen.”

Over the past year Annie’s personal party sales have exceeded £11,000.

She has grown a network of more than 40 consultants and agents across 18 counties and generated top network sales of £58,000.

Congratulations Annie on your amazing first year with Linen at Home – you are an inspiration to many!!

Happy First Anniversary!



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