Toilet Doors and other random spots to advertise …

Last week I went to the Crafts for Christmas Fair at the NEC in Birmingham.   I (like all the other 1,000’s of people all at the same time as me!) had to visit the ‘ladies‘.  It’s not unusual to find advertising on the back of toilet doors – but do we ever really take any notice??

The advert on the back of my door said …

Advertising works – you’re reading this 

But does it work??
Yes I’m reading it but on this occasion I didn’t run into the NEC offices and ask about advertising rates!
It got me wondering how often do we have to see something to act up on it.

When I have sold advertising for Networking Mummies people have said you need to advertise  3 times in the same place stay in the mind of a buyer .. but how true is this??  I mean I see adverts everyday for MacDonald’s and I’ve not eaten a big mac since 2003.  I don’t leg it down to Morrison’s or Sainsbury’s every time they advertise a special offer.

Bus stop advertising .. I don’t use the bus but I do see adverts as I drive past our local and YES I notice when it’s different but not enough to act up on it.

Flyers, magazine advertising, posters on walls, has old fashioned paper style advertising lost its appeal in this technological age??

Discuss …




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  1. Elaine
    November 13, 2011 / 8:05 pm

    I think that often the advertising is more about brand awareness – the more times you see a logo or a positive company mention the more it will lodge in your subconscious so then when you are looking to buy something and you do a internet search you are more likely to pick the company you ‘know’.

    • Joanne
      November 20, 2011 / 7:02 pm

      I do agree with you to some point but I’m aware of many brands but doesn’t make me buy from them 🙂