Day in the Life of … The Bra Lady

Wow! What a challenge! Do us mothers ever have a typical day?

My day starts at 6.15am. This morning I went for a run whilst hubby got ready for work to leave at 7am. I did breakfast, packed lunches and the school run with my 9yo and 7yo boys. I tried to ensure they’d done their homework and reading books – I’m never certain if they’ve done what they’ve been asked to do!

I got to my office about 9.15am, which is 10 minutes from home. My 1 member of staff had already started processing our web orders.

My day then developed into a mix of bra fitting enquiries and ‘stuff’ on my list. I spoke to pregnant, breastfeeding and post-mastectomy ladies. A couple by phone, one lady came to the office and a couple by email.

I supported a couple of the bra lady team. These are ladies I’ve trained to run a home bra fitting service in their area on a self-employed basis. I’d written a press release for one which we were double checking, and the other was querying what style of bra would suit one of her customers.

My ‘list’ consisted of updating one of the websites with some new information, scheduling a blog post, tweets and facebook updates, and doing an hours SEO work on another website.

Sometimes I feel that customers ‘distract’ me from my list! It’s not true, as without them, I wouldn’t have a rewarding business.

I collect my boys 4 days a week, so I have a break from work between 2.50 and bedtime which is now about 8pm. I cooked tea for all of us, which we ate together; encouraged them to do their homework and tidy their room before they went to athletics together at 6.15pm.

This is the only activity they do together. Other days aren’t so simple, with lots of juggling and organisation required toget them to the right place at the right time with the right equipment/uniform, having eaten!

After they’d gone to bed, I was back online, working on my other business, where I’m an Authorised Distributor for a network marketing company that helps individuals and businesses save money, to develop another income stream as a pension fund.

I’m not usually in bed until 10.30pm at the earliest. I try and read something ‘light’ (chick-lit!), to switch my brain off. It usually works, but I do have a pen a pad next to the bed for those niggling things and/or ideas that I need to write down to allow me to go to sleep.

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