The Essential Twitter Guide for Mumpreneurs – Suzannah Butcher

I love Twitter and I make no secret about the great PR success I have gained through Twitter.  I was even ReTweeted by Sarah Brown when Gordon was still our PM.  Yes my brush with fame!   Suzannah from Work For Mums asked me to review her super guide – The Essential Twitter Guide For Mumpreneurs – I was happy to say yes – well she did do a fab job reviewing Blogging for Business.

I loved the guide I thought it was well written and organised in an appealing manner to busy business mums on the go!  I loved how visual it was using screenshots and case studies we can all identify with.

As this guide is based at beginners I thought I’d pass it on to a lovely lady I’ve been working with who is a twitter newbie …. but if she takes to Twitter like she has blogging … well lets just say watch out Twitter!!

I’m very excited to be reviewing The Essential Twitter Guide For Mumpreneurs. As a business Mum myself, I have been using Twitter for 6 months and only have a very basic knowledge – I can tweet and follow but that’s really the extent of it. From reading the Twitter Guide I already have a much better understanding of how it works as a whole and how it can really help to grow my business.

The guide is available as an e-book, with 43 pages and 21 chapters. The chapters cover everything from the history of Twitter, its benefits for your business, how to set-up an account, hash tags, who to follow and so much more.

What I particularly like about the e-book is how visual it with lots of screen shots, diagrams and even case studies. This helps to bring the text to life and much easier to digest. For a complete beginner you could easily follow the whole book and set up and use Twitter successfully with very few problems.


  • It’s a very easily to follow guide for complete beginners.
  • Explains definitions in simple language
  • List famous mumpreneurs to follow which instantly made twitter seem even more exciting.
  • The built in links to other websites mean you can further your knowledge at the click of a button


  • The guide is fairly long and could possibly overwhelm a beginner; however the clear chapters would allow you to take it one step at a time.
  • Being an e-book can make it a little harder to read, although more environmentally friendly and you could always choose to print chapters if you wish.

Overall I would very much recommend this guide to anyone who is looking to learn the basics of Twitter or who wants to take their tweeting that little bit further. I will certainly be printing off a few chapters to keep by my side!
The guide is available to purchase from Work For Mums RRP £5 however at the moment they are £2.75

By Selina Shrimpton 

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