You’ve won an award … what do you do now??


You are now the proud owner of a shiny award … but what do you do now??

Showing them off …
Most awards will give you a badge whether that be for nomination, short listing, finalist or winner.  These are awesome tools. Add these to your website, start an award album on your Facebook fanpage and write a blog or news piece.  I have a few now, instead of putting them on my site individually I have a Charlie Moo’s image I use it keeps them in once place, plus it makes a nice poster to display at events.  Award badges give your business kudos and a good reputation.

Press Releases …
Some awards will send you a press release to add your details too. These are great for giving you a basic outline if you’ve never written a press release before. When sending out a press release try and keep it to one page, make sure you put your contact details at the end. I email my press contacts, I put the press release as the body of the email, then add it as an attachment and one high res image. ( in the case of awards one of me from the awards ceremony or my headshot and the award badge.)

Other Promotional ideas
These are all quick, simple and effective and sometimes its the little things you forget.

  • add to your email signature
  • I’ve added the word ‘Award Winning’ to my car signage
  • when writing guest blogs add your list of achievements under your name.
  • add to your business cards, I use the back of mine

But remember you have to be in it to win it!
So fancy entering some awards now?

Well check out the list on my Facebook Fanpage
And for more tips on entering awards

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